Hello beautiful people!!!!! Welcome to my blog! I am Angie Simmons. I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband, our daughter, and two crazy dogs. I created this blog as a creative outlet to share my passions. I'm a young mom trying to figure this whole mom thing out.  I LOVE health, fitness, traveling, and fashion is my jam.  

Recently, with free time being a precious commodity, I've been using my favorite bloggers as a shortcut to get deets on the latest and greatest on the things I love. I've had so much fun being a consumer of these blogs and kinda found out my own style and favorites in the process. My hope is that this blog contributes to the world of busy women that don't have time to do the digging and want to trust someone else to curate the goods. 

I am so excited to share everything that I am 'all in with' in life.  I soooo appreciate you following along!