Trends making a comeback that I am digging

Feeling all sorts of emotions today as tomorrow at 6:30 AM I will be on a flight to NYC for my first weekend trip WITHOUT my little Sophie! I have moments of pure joy and excitement because this weekend means freedom and then I have moments of sheer anxiety, fear and like my heart is about to be ripped out from my chest (I'm just a tad bit dramatic) because I am scared to leave her and I know I will miss her like crazy! I know this is much needed and think that every mama should treat herself to some "me time" that doesn't involve the babe/babes. So to the person sitting next to me on the early flight tomorrow.... I apologize in advance if I am boohooing the entire way there. :) I will do a blog post about my trip when I get back but in the meantime follow along my first girls weekend sans the babe on my instagram stories @allinwithangie!

On another note....let's talk about some exciting comebacks! Not only has Adidas made one but so has all things denim: denim on denim, denim skirts, denim overalls, denim jackets... you name it! It took me a while to wear it myself but I always loved the look on other people! I gradually worked my way up starting with denim on denim, then a denim romper and now my first pair of denim overall shorts (still on the hunt for long overalls). I have found the best thing to pair with them is a body suit or crop top! Below are my favorite denim outfits (for items no longer in stock I have linked something similar).

Denim Short Overalls - All in with Angie
Denim Shorts Overalls - All in with Angie
OUTFIT DEETS:  Top  |  Jeans    Photography:  Lydia Stubbs

OUTFIT DEETS: Top | Jeans 

Photography: Lydia Stubbs

Easter 2018


OUTFIT DEETS: Sophie's Petit Bebe Smocked Dress

"He lives... He lives.... Christ Jesus lives today!" This was an incredible Easter. It was Sophie's first, which made it even more special! We went to Church and Brunch as a family and then took it easy the rest of the day. The service was beautiful and it was fun seeing all the adorable kids in their Easter clothes! Here is a quote that I feel sums up the message from yesterday's service. It is great reminder of what all God is capable and how we should have no fear.

"God is a transformational God. He turns sadness into joy. Mourning into dancing. Weakness into strength. Worry into peace. Despair into hope. Darkness into light. And death into life." Deborah Rodriguez

I waited last minute (per usual) to get Sophie's Easter dress but lucked out because Plaid Rabbit was having a big sale on all of their Easter gear! I am not one to splurge on baby clothes because they outgrow them so fast BUT I will for a special occasion. Luckily I didn't have to with this sale!

My Easter dress was from @xomandysue. It was a little chilly so I paired it with a cardigan in the morning! I am loving floral dresses thing spring and I joke that the only flowers safe in our house are ones that are on an outfit. ;) You can use my code Angie35 to save 35% off your entire order with @xomandysue!

Keep reading below to find out about my major Easter #momfail. 

Floral Dress - All in with Angie
Easter Dress - All in with Angie
Spring Dress - All in with Angie
Floral Dress - All in with Angie

OUTFIT DEETS: Kennedy Dress (size Medium) |  Shoes | Cardigan

I have never been a crafty person. When Sophie was born I swore I would become more crafty and do all the DIY things I saw other moms doing. I have yet to do such things. So 'twas the night before Easter and I had not gotten Sophie anything! I know I know, she won't remember it. But it was our/her first Easter, and as her parent I wanted to spoil her! I went to Target Saturday night and couldn't help but laugh because I have never seen it so Walking Dead-esque! All the shelves in the Easter section were BARE- no more Easter baskets! I threw a few random items in my cart: a basket cover with an S on it; a pink storage bin (that I could put the basket cover over); a couple red and purple bows; a stuffed bunny; Puffs and some more pacis. I was texting one of my best friends Kelley at the time and telling her about my makeshift Easter basket. She sent me a picture of her daughter's Easter basket that she prepped weeeeeks ago and it was so adorable! I had some work to do. She told me the bin had to go, so I ditched it and the pink S basket cover. I found a slightly better white woven basket but then realized I needed that pink S cover back (which was actually the last one). Problem was I had chucked it with the ugly bin and I couldn't remember where I set it down (whoops). I backtracked all my steps and after about 20 minutes I found it. What a gong show haha. My basket was definitely not as good as Kelley's but I think I did alright for waiting so last minute and especially because I don't have a crafty bone in my body. Next year I will be on top of it! Also, I didn't realize that the gifts were from the Easter bunny and not the parents. I probably will have to cut the part out of the video recording of me telling Sophie that the basket was from mommy and daddy when I gave it to her. year I will be better and let her know that the Easter bunny was the thoughtful one behind the basket! Non-crafty, last minute Easter "basket" below. Please feel free to share any of your mom fails in the comments section so I know I'm not the only one. ;)

Mom fail Easter Basket - All in with Angie