Trends making a comeback that I am digging

Feeling all sorts of emotions today as tomorrow at 6:30 AM I will be on a flight to NYC for my first weekend trip WITHOUT my little Sophie! I have moments of pure joy and excitement because this weekend means freedom and then I have moments of sheer anxiety, fear and like my heart is about to be ripped out from my chest (I'm just a tad bit dramatic) because I am scared to leave her and I know I will miss her like crazy! I know this is much needed and think that every mama should treat herself to some "me time" that doesn't involve the babe/babes. So to the person sitting next to me on the early flight tomorrow.... I apologize in advance if I am boohooing the entire way there. :) I will do a blog post about my trip when I get back but in the meantime follow along my first girls weekend sans the babe on my instagram stories @allinwithangie!

On another note....let's talk about some exciting comebacks! Not only has Adidas made one but so has all things denim: denim on denim, denim skirts, denim overalls, denim jackets... you name it! It took me a while to wear it myself but I always loved the look on other people! I gradually worked my way up starting with denim on denim, then a denim romper and now my first pair of denim overall shorts (still on the hunt for long overalls). I have found the best thing to pair with them is a body suit or crop top! Below are my favorite denim outfits (for items no longer in stock I have linked something similar).

Denim Short Overalls - All in with Angie
Denim Shorts Overalls - All in with Angie
OUTFIT DEETS:  Top  |  Jeans    Photography:  Lydia Stubbs

OUTFIT DEETS: Top | Jeans 

Photography: Lydia Stubbs